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Welcome to Skedon

Skedon is World's first Crowdsourced Candidate Information platform for the Recruitment community. Skedon collects and maintains records of an individual's job seeking history like number of interviews scheduled, offered and joined. It was created to play a key role in the global recruitment system to find the genuineness of the job seekers and helps the recruiter to identify their target candidate who is really looking for a career change.

Digital Recruitment Tool

Are you still working in the Manual way of Hiring?

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  • Digitize your candidate details
  • Track your candidate's interview / offer / joining details.
  • Create and Manage your Internal Resume Database.
  • Search your Candidate's Status by other Recruitment Fraternity Members.
  • Digitize your Client and their Requirement information at one place.
  • Track your Recruitment team performance at one place.
  • Automated Daily Reports for your Recruitment Team.
  • No Excel Sheet Required.
  • Career Page and Team Management.

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