Getting Started - FAQ

Skedon is the World's first evaluation platform for the recruitment fraternity. It helps and creates a transparent space for the stake holders in the recruitment process.

Today, the major pain point of the recruiters is to identify the real job seeker. Someone who is with commitment and clarity on searching their job. Recruiters spend a lot of time on identifying the right resume and travels with the candidate in the interview, offer and joining process. It takes a minimum of 45 days and maximum of 70 days for a recruiter to complete his / her recruitment life cycle. While the job seeker doing a small mistake in this process will push the recruiter to start the life cycle from the beginning. Meaning, a black mark in the recruiter's career for doing no mistake. Skedon helps the recruiter to record all the candidate details including one who is genuinely looking for opportunities and one who is not. Recruiters can record their good and bad hiring experiences in this platform such that it helps the fraternity to move forward from No Shows, Offer Rejection and Candidate Not Joining after confirmation.

If you have a candidate to be processed with your hiring manager. check if that candidate's previous details are available in our platform. Go to "Candidates" in the top bar and click "Search Candidates". You may use candidate's email address or mobile number to find the previous details. If the information is not available, you may "Add Candidate" to this platform. Record all the candidate details in your Skedon account to digitize all your hiring activities.

Go to "Candidates" in the top bar and click "Manage Candidates" to find all your candidates recorded in this platform.